Technivision is a leader in providing smart, cutting-edge technology

Technivision is a leader in providing smart, cutting-edge technology solutions for global organizations of all sizes. From developing unique strategies to delivering the products, services and expertise, we’ll help your business run more efficiently and modernize through Technivision Technology Solutions

Top technology brands

With a diverse portfolio of brands and partners, we offer leading solutions that foster growth and promote business transformation.

A diverse portfolio of services

As a single source for all of your IT needs, we align the latest technologies with your customer, workforce and infrastructure goals.

Deep technology expertise

Founded in 1994, KassemIT offers the guidance and expertise you need to select, implement and manage solutions that transform your business, and now through its B2B e-commerce portal, Technivision selecting these solutions has become easy and hustle free process.

Our Solutions

With cloud computing using, upgrading and maintaining your IT has never been simpler. Your technology, software and applications are hosted by our team of experts, which means you can eliminate the cost of investing in new infrastructure, licensing new software and training new employees – saving you money and letting you focus on your business. We help you harness the power of your office intranet and Internet to increase efficiency, enhance communication, inspire collaboration and simplify teamwork.

Cloud Services from Technivision are:
  • Scalable – your technology can grow as your business does
  • Tailor-made – built around your specific business needs
  • Available on-the-go – get access from your mobile device
  • Affordable – cost-effective technology pays for itself
The four deployment models are:
  • Public Cloud – The cloud infrastructure is provisioned for open use by the general public. It may be owned, managed, and operated by a business, academic, or government organization, or some combination of them. It exists on the premises of the cloud provider
  • Private Cloud –The cloud infrastructure is provisioned for exclusive use by a single organization comprising multiple consumers (e.g., business units). It may be owned, managed, and operated by the organization, a third party, or some combination of them, and it may exist on or off-premises
  • Community Cloud –The cloud infrastructure is provisioned for exclusive use by a specific community of consumers from organizations that have shared concerns (e.g., mission, security requirements, policy, and compliance considerations). It may be owned, managed, and operated by one or more of the organizations in the community, a third party, or some combination of them, and it may exist on or off premises
  • Hybrid Cloud –The cloud infrastructure is provisioned for exclusive use by a single organization comprising multiple consumers (e.g., business units). It may be owned

Is your technology taking up valuable office space? Do you dream of implementing new IT but lack the space? The solution is Virtualization from Technivision and its partners, offering capabilities that enable you to separate your IT resources from your in-house environment. That means you can actually do more with less, because your technology will be delivered to you via the Internet, instead of taking over your office. By virtualizing your in-house technology, you’ll be able to access more IT, more memory and more software than is physically installed in your office, because it’s all hosted offsite. Virtualization techniques can be applied to many aspects of your business IT, including networks, storage, laptop and server hardware, operating systems and applications. That means you can free up more space in your office and on your hard drives, while we take care of your most important IT assets for you

Virtualization from Technivision enables your business to:
  • Improve application performance – with rapid provisioning and dynamic load balancing
  • Quickly become fully functional after a disaster – with simplified data recovery solutions
  • Increase utilization – by consolidating your servers
  • Go green – lower your electricity bill with fewer servers
When it comes to network security, it is easy for small to medium sized businesses to say “not me”, “they are only after the big guys.” The reality is that attacks on all networks have been increasing year after year as hackers have become more sophisticated, and small businesses are being affected every day by relaxed or non-existent security policies.
Security solutions that protect your organization:


  • Asset management
  • Governance
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Risk management


  • Access control and data security
  • Processes and procedures
  • Maintenance and protective technology
  • Endpoint, network and mobile security


  • Anomalies and security events
  • Continuous monitoring & advanced detection
  • Next-generation firewalls
  • Data loss prevention, unified threat management


  • Response planning and communications
  • Analysis, mitigation and improvements
  • Sandboxing and software as a service
  • Event management and global intelligence

No matter the size of your business, network security is a definite requirement for every business in the digital age. If you are worried or unsure of where to start with an internal security audit, our team can help get you on track.

Technivision hardware procurement services can be incorporated to our managed services to deliver technical support, standard or custom hardware configurations, maintenance, and repair. We’ll apply our expertise and experience to specify the right product for your applications, databases, and communications so you don’t spend additional time and money. We can also provide Hardware as a service and manage all of your hardware life cycle.

All good networks deliver the convergence of voice, video, and data involving many different types of equipment. With Technivision, you can purchase a complete line of WAN, LAN, or VoIP networking products and solutions for your data and communication needs – wired or wireless. Our systems engineers can find the right products to fit your business for growth, security, and desired capabilities, and execute it. We have the technical expertise to bring it all together as a turn-key solution.


Technivision offers a broad range of handpicked, industry-leading PC and server products and services to meet the demanding needs of today’s most sophisticated users. We resell products from most major manufacturers, delivering to you a large selection of notebooks, desktop PCs, laptops, and brand name servers

Every business has challenges that impact operations. Human error, computer and server failures and even natural disasters can affect any business. So how do you prepare to make sure your business stays running? Your business needs a simple and effective solution to get “back on the road” in the event of a data, system, or even complete business outage. It may only happen a few times in your life, but it happens to every business eventually. By backing up to a secure data center, you have a copy of every part of your business ready and available. By using the cloud, you achieve a recovered business without expensive hardware, complex systems and one more thing to support. Instead, your critical data is securely backed up using state-of-the-art compression technology, allowing your Internet connection to quickly backup and recover your critical systems and data.



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